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Specialised Equipment Sales

Specialised Equipment

EPV Basket Liner Mats

EPV’s Basket Liner Mats are manufactured from high quality long lasting rubber. Our basket liner mats are suitable for all popular EWP Baskets and HV Liners.  The Basket Liner Mat won’t slip or move and is designed by EPV to be comfortable under foot in the most arduous conditions.  Another benefit of the EPV Basket Liner Mat is that it will prevent costly damage to the liner floor from cuts, burns, impact and general wear and tear. By preventing damage, the integrity of the basket liner HV insulation is not compromised providing additional safety for the operator.

Earth Stake Slide Hammer

The EPV Earth Stake Slide Hammer eliminates the use of Hammers & Stakes. Place your earth quickly and effectively with the EPV Earth Stake Slide Hammer. This handy tool is manufactured from quality steel and painted 2K safety yellow.

Pole Gripper

The EPV Pole Gripper has been designed with safety and productivity in mind and has proven to be very effective when extracting wooden poles. When more force is used on the pole jack the EPV Pole Gripper “bites harder” into the pole. The EPV Pole Gripper has proven to be particularly effective in the removal of slippery or creosote poles. Order your EPV Pole Gripper today to help prevent costly crane damage which could occur when an extractor chain lets go!

Wheel Chocks

EPV has supplied the industry with our Rubber Wheel Chocks for 25 years with most of them still in service.  We have all seen or heard about the consequences of a runaway truck or trailer which could have been avoided if our Rubber Wheel Chocks were in place. Don’t rely on park brakes alone always use EPV’s Rubber Wheel Chocks in every situation and keep your investment on the road.

Wooden Stabiliser Pads

The EPV Wooden Stabiliser Pads have proven the test of time, our Stabiliser Pads have been extensively tested and are known to be up to the task. Sitting your plant correctly and within its levelling specifications is of the utmost importance and our EPV Wooden Stabiliser Pads is a cost effective way of achieving this. EPV have been making the Wooden Stabiliser Pads since day 1 and we have a variety of sizes to suit your EWP and Crane applications.  We can also custom make Stabiliser Pads to suit your requirements.

EPV Insulated Jib Attachments

EPV’s custom built Insulated Jib attachments offer crane operators an engineered safety solution when working near live electrical conductors.

EPV’s Insulated Jibs are rated and tested to 66kV and 33kV respectively.

Safe working loads of up to 1500kg are available depending on the jib model and the capacity of the crane.

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